Sun 2.5.2021 at 15

2.5.2021 at 15 COLLOQUIUM: Tempo Rubato – Use, Flexibility and Modification of Time

Alexander Bonus
Julia Dokter
Aapo Häkkinen
Domen Marinčič
Inja Stanović
Jed Wentz

• Charting Modern-Age Beliefs in the Metronomic Tempo
• Tempo Words in Late Seventeenth-Century Organ Praeludia
• Eighteenth-Century Tempo Indications
• Understanding Early Indications for Tempo Modification
• The Influence of Mechanical Recording Technologies
• Subjectivity, Flexibility of Tempo and Affect in the Light of Aaron Hill’s The Art of Acting (1754)

Colloquium 2 May 2021

This event, hosted by the Helsinki Baroque Orchestra in collaboration with the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, is free to join and open to the public who will have a chance to interact and pose questions.


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