Fri 17.5.Sat 18.5.2019 Finnish National Theatre Vilhonkatu 11, Helsinki

17.5.201918.5.2019 Open Rehearsal: Third Practice

Photo: Tanja Ahola

Topi Lehtipuu, tenor
Núria Rial, soprano

Dancers | Tero Saarinen Company Jenna Broas, Natasha Lommi / Satu Halttunen, Annika Hyvärinen, David Scarantino, Eero Vesterinen, Won Won-Myeong / Pekka Louhio

Helsinki Baroque Orchestra

Choreography & Concept Tero Saarinen
Music Claudio Monteverdi
Music direction Aapo Häkkinen
Lighting design Eero Auvinen
Projection design Thomas Freundlich
Costume design Erika Turunen
Sound design Marco Melchior
Choreographer’s Assistants Henrikki Heikkilä, Satu Halttunen

Tero Saarinen’s new magnum opus explores radical shifts in values and perspectives. Claudio Monteverdi’s revolutionary, breathtakingly beautiful madrigals are incarnated by twelve dancers and musicians, plus tenor Topi Lehtipuu and virtual soprano Núria Rial. TSC and Helsinki Baroque Orchestra join forces to create a gripping contemporary fusion of dance, live music, opera and design.

The international co-production will receive its world premiere in Cremona, Italy, at Teatro Amilcare Ponchielli, Rassegna di Danza / Monteverdi Festival, on 29 May 2019. Finnish premiere at Kuopio Dance Festival 17 – 18 June.

Audiences in Helsinki will have an opportunity to observe the creative process: work-in-progress open rehearsals at the Finnish National Theatre in Helsinki will take place on May 17 – 18.

“Everything changes, nothing perishes”

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