Long-lost opera Gustav Vasa in Musiikkitalo


Leopold Kozeluch’s (1747-1818) only surviving opera Gustav Vasa is brought to life in Musiikkitalo for what is its first performance after the composer’s death. Along with Kozeluch’s other operas, Gustav Vasa was believed lost, until a fortunate discovery at the Prague Conservatory library brought to light a surviving score.

Helsinki Baroque Orchestra’s production brings together an impressive cast of singers: Martina Janková, Helena Juntunen, Tuuli Lindeberg, Monica Groop, Mario Zeffiri, Niall Chorell and Cornelius Uhle are joined by Helsinki Chamber Choir. The opera is directed by Ville Sandqvist based on Erik Söderblom’s original concept. The production will utilise video, lighting and other technical possibilities available in Musiikkitalo.

The production is made possible by the support of Finnish Cultural Foundation and Alfred Kordelin Foundation.

Tickets are now available from Ticketmaster.

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